THE G100

1 - DENISE AND COMPANY - "Boy What Will You Do Then"  (Wee, number unknown)   S4/R5/L3
1965 disc with a tuff chick vocal snarl. The group backing vocalist Denise Kaufman is The Answer of "I'll Be In"
immortality (this info gleaned from Cream Puff War magazine with thanks) This record has never been seen or heard by any
active garage 45's collector, because the one only known copy has been kept under lock and key since it was comp'ed on
"Girls In The Garage Vol. 1" in the mid-1980's. Kaufman confirmed that this pressing exists, but has been unable to find a
copy herself. She may have to stand in line in the unlikely event that the one known copy is ever offered up for sale

2 - SONICS INC - "Diddy Wah Diddy" / "Nobody To Love"  (Sonics Music Ltd. SP0003)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
one known copy, and it's pretty hammered! Surely the rarest record on the entire Back From The Grave series. However
the search for copies of this 45 has been over a much shorter period than for the above. Hear "Diddy Wah Diddy" on
BFTG8, "Nobody To Love" on "Teenage Shutdown TS-6605"

3 - SLOTHS - "Makin' Love"  (Impression 104 p/s)   S5/R5/L4   see-it
one known copy. Of course there are others known with no picture sleeve, but those are rare as hell anyway. One of the
rawest 45's on the Back From The Grave series. Plus the picture sleeve kills, showing the band members slouching around
like real live Sloths! Hear "Makin' Love" on BFTG4 LP, very good b-side "You Mean Everything To Me" remains

4 - OUTSPOKEN BLUES - "Not Right Now"  (Orlyn 66821)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
one known copy in the hands of anyone other than an ex-bandmember (if you count that one which is not for sale at any
price there are 2. Others are claimed without any authentication, we don't believe it). It's a nice vg+. European collectors in
particular seem mesmerized by this exotic Orlyn piece. As you probably know, Orlyn records were pressed in tiny
quantities, and have a very high standard overall. Hear "Not Right Now" on BFTG8, B-side "Misty, You're A Better Man
Than I" (that's the way it's spelt!) remains uncompiled.

5 - JOHN ENGLISH III - "I Need You Near"  (Sabra)   S5/R5/L4
last compiled on Boulders Vol. 7, and never seen or heard of since. The location of the one known copy is known, but we
doubt if it's going anywhere anytime soon. This message in from Tim Warren : Mark C beat me by $2 (!!!) on this on a
Dave Gibson (Boulders compiler) auction in mid-80s - and his winning bid??? I remember it at around $24!!!!!! But when
I asked Mark in 1999, who was 5 minutes by foot from the house we rented in Inverness, if I could record it for Shutdown
#14, he couldn't find it.

6 - MYSTIC - "I Get So Disgusted" / "Weekend People"  (Frantic, # unknown)   S4/R5/L4
a tape of this track has circulated among collectors since it was discovered in California, and then traded to the current
owner. Presumably it's sitting in the same box in a lock-up with Denise And Company, John English III, Prophets on Ikon,
one of the Graveyard V copies and who knows what else. It's a killer 2-sider, with the a-side being the best. Legend value
is hard to pick, because it's unknown, yet among collectors who have heard it (on cassette), a huge legend. We're sorry to
say you won't be hearing it any time soon.

7 - GREG BARR & THE BARR ASSOCIATION - "Dance Girl Dance"  (Cinema 006)   S5/R5/L3  see-it
Two known copies, making this one of the Three Kings of Texas royalty (with The Four More and By Fives?). You want
fuzz monster...You got fuzz monster. Also three, count 'em, three spinechilling screams. Plus it's one of those  garage 45's
that kills both as raw punk and accomplished pop. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6613

8 - FIFTH ROW BAC - "Please Don't Go"  (Graves GRS-1100)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
Two known copies. This 45 has been on every serious collector's wantlist for the past decade. During these years, no
copies were known, since one of the known copies had been in the hands of a collector in Washington state who had died
of an overdose and the entire incredible collection was kept in lock-up storage for years, then auctioned off for a couple of
hundred bucks. Suddenly, garage 45's of impossible rarity began to appear on eBay. But in the wrong genre section. The
other copy was discovered in the USA just last week (Oct 2003), that's all we can say. Uncompiled to this day, both
copies are near mint.

9 - VIKINGS - "Need Your Loving"  (Wam)   S5/R5/L2
We've only heard this on tape, but this is one of the greatest 5-star garage monsters that we've ever heard. It has
everything, RAW!! great singing, riffs, melodies, harmonies, wild break, wild screams, extended arrangement...on and
on...A MONSTER! The Wam label out of Ohio is like a baby Orlyn, very rare, collectable and great. Others on the label
are the Counts, Fortels, Next Of Kin, Karetakers, Pied Pipers and there are others (Johnny and the Uncalled For?). Two
known copies, Ohio collectors may know better. One is cracked in 2 places, and in the hands of an ex-bandmember.
Uncompiled, we can only hope this situation is remedied in the near future.

10 - YOUNG MEN - "Go Away Girl"  (Maltese 108)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
for decades it was thought that only one copy of this 45 existed. However, due to our research for this list, we can confirm
there are 2 copies in the collectors' loop, at least one is in nice vg shape. This has it all, killer track, legendary status, rarity,
reportedly has changed hands for enormous sums in secret deals, unknown b-side. Hear it on Sixties Archives 5 -
Louisiana Punk Groups From the 60's. Very good b-side "A Thought For You" remains uncompiled

11 - CHOSEN FEW FROM ST. MICHAELS - "Get In On Life"  (Takeover 8621184 / L-151)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
2 copies suspected one of them is in vg- condition. Never comp'ed, despite the frantic efforts of Italian bootleggers. The
dense and chaotic reveberation can't mask the blood-curdling screams which elevate this disc to cult status. An interesting
case of wol on one of the copies reveals that the group itself was not satisfied with the sound of the 45, and may have
trashed the pressing. It says "Not Promotional" and "Do Not Play In Public". First "Not Promo" we've seen. Talk about
hiding your light under a bushell. Cool also uncomp'ed b-side is called "JTB"

12 - FOUR MORE - "Problem Child"  (Fairchild F-1001)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
A truly awesome Texas collector's piece. Only 3 copies are now confirmed to exist and one of those is cracked, another a
nice vg+, with a fourth and fifth claimed but unconfirmed. This 45 is unlikely to ever be found in quantity. However Doug
Hanners confirms that a nice copy was unearthed just this year at the Austin Record Fair. It's now in the possession of a
non-garage collector, who likes it for its pretty label. Hear it on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 11. Cool b-side "Don't Give
Up Hope" remains uncompiled.

13 - GRAVEYARD FIVE - "The Marble Orchard"  (Stanco102)  S4/R5/L5   see-it
4 copies known, but let's play safe and say there may be 5 "out there". High on this list because of legendary status, rarity,
value, greatness etc. A "marble orchard" is of course a graveyard full of tombstones. At least 2 of the copies are pretty
rough condition. Both a-side and the super-cool instro b-side "Graveyard Five Theme" can be heard on Pebbles 16

14 - BY FIVES - "I Saw You Walking"  (Tomi T-106)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
blue-chip Texas investment piece for the hardcore trophy hunter. A killer track with great gravelly vocals and strong
harmonies, chilling scream and a tune that sticks in the brain. For a very long time it's been said there are 3 copies, but we
now have reason to suspect it may be more like 5 or 6, with one mint copy reported. Two of the copies are rough vg-, yet
another is a nice vg+. Hear it on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol 11.

15 - THE AZTEX - "I Said Move" / "Little Streets In My Town"  (Staff BP-194)   S4/R5/L5   see-it
even normally careful top collectors were moved to dig deep for this one, when only 2 (confirmed, not 5 or 6 as was
thought!) copies were found a few years ago. Before that, it was virtually unknown except for the one near mint copy
owned at the time by Tim Warren, and a vg held by a dealer in New England. One more vg copy has recently surfaced,
making a total of 5 copies known. Like The Keggs, The Alarm Clocks and The Chob, this has been widely bootlegged and
it's hard to distinguish the copies from the real thing. Unless you ever get a chance to play the real thing, that is. Bootleg
copies have BP.194 A plus a squiggle in the deadwax, whereas the original has BP-194-A (note the dashes), and another
.BP. initial. Hear "I Said Move" on BFTG4 LP, and the flip on BFTG5 LP

16 - KEGGS - "Girl" / "To Find Out"  (Orbit - no number)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
not particularly rare. We mean, there may be up to a dozen copies in collections. However, it is known that only 75 copies
were pressed, so our estimate may be on the high side, if anything. The band members and relatives have already been
contacted, so forget about it! One collector had 2 copies, the same guy who had 2 Botumles Pits and 2 Green Fuz. Nice
going, eh? However, in terms of pure legend, put it up at number ONE. No mint copy is known, the best being a strong
vg+/++. Most are hammered and a cracked copy is also known. Bootleg copies of this 45 exist in vast quantities, they
have "ORBIT-A" and "ORBIT-B" scratched in the deadwax area. The real thing just has a serial number. The bootlegs
have none of the volume, power and ambiance of the original. Wha'dya expect? A repro is rarely if ever equivalent to an
original pressing, since the art of loud vinyl 45 mastering seems to have been lost completely. Not to mention that it's a vinyl
transfer. Hear "To Find Out" on BFTG5, and "Girl" on BFTG6

17 - VECTORS - "What In The World"  (St. Lawrence 1003 p/s)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
this is the fine version which appears on BFTG4 LP. It's the second of two versions released by the band and supposedly
"toned down" because of the perceived excess of wyld screaming to be found on the original Analysis version. However,
there's much to be said for this version, like the upgraded harmonica playing and a more forward mix for the guitar. Not to
mention the ungodly rare picture sleeve, and the cheezy band photos which adorn the label. How many sleeves exist? 3
exactly. And perhaps a dozen copies sans sleeve.

18 - WORLOCKS - "I Love You"  (Big Rock 512)   S5/R5/L2   see-it
a no-holds-barred monster which is one of the best tracks on the entire Back From The Grave series. With a live feel, the
sound is ambient and spacious, revealing a band in its prime delivering an awesome performance. Some have suggested 3
copies, if so the condition of those 3 copies is : g+, vg+ and m-. It's the kind of piece that could easily show up in small
quantity to prove our estimate wrong. Hear it on BFTG7 LP. Uncompiled b-side "Stay By Her Side" is good too.

19 - BACARDIS - "Don't Sell Yourself" / This Time"  (Midgard 203)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
right up in the top drawer resides this unique monster from somewhere between Southern Wisconsin and Northeren Illinois,
which really does have it all. 3 copies known, (one is vg++, another g+ with nice sound), superior songwriting, great vocals
and harmonies, fantastic lead break, wyld scream, b-side cool folk garage. Plus both sides are growers. Hear "This Time"
on Quagmire Vol.2. The killer "Don't Sell Yourself" remains uncompiled.

20 - TREMORS - "Wondering Why"  (Catalina 19469)   S5/R5/L3  see-it
placed here both for its rarity (4 copies are known, only one of those in a major collection) and almost unsurpassed energy
quotient. What's also great about this track is the riffs and chord sequence are totally original, reminiscent of no other. One
of the most sought-after garage 45's, near the top of any serious collector's wantlist (except for those 4 lucky souls who
snared a copy before the legend broke). Hear it on "Garage Punk Unknowns" CD1

21 - NEXT STEP - "I Said No" / "Rivers Of Hate"   (M.C.C. 101067)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
from "I Said No" :"Everywhere I go they say get out of our town, everywhere I go they're going to put me down, but can't
they see I don't want their sympathy, oh yeah, can't they see I will never go on my knees, oh no". And from the flip "the
blood red sun cremates my brain"...It's the doom-laden lyrics which distinguish both sides of this unheard teen jangler (with
touches of psych). One of the hardest CA 45's to find, we only know of two copies, there's a chance this will be confirmed
or denied in the near future. Uncompiled.

22 - MOXIES - "I'm Gonna Stay"  (Century 26070 p/s)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
3 copies were found. A theory as to why this item is so rare :  the rear side of the picture sleeve (which is a duplicate of the
front) is quite blurry and out of focus. This printing error may have led to the cancellation of the sleeve. Hear it on Teenage
Shutdown TS-6613.

23 - BETTER HALF-DOZEN - "I'm gonna Leave You" / "I Could Have Loved Her"  (U-Doe 105)   S5/R5/L4  see-it
A supreme 2-sided masterpiece which has everything. The a-side is a monster punker with frantic organ, basic pounding
drums and a ridiculously effective stuttering guitar solo. The b-side combines a memorable haunting chorus with upbeat pop
sensibilities, and more frantic organ and killer guitar. An estimated quantity would be a bit dangerous here. It's incredibly
rare, but also incredibly great and it's likely there may be a few copies tucked away that no-one knows about. We know of
6 copies, only one is near mint. Hear both killer tracks on Sixties Archives 5 - Louisiana Punk Groups from the 60's

24 - BEES - "Voices Green And Purple" / "Trip To New Orleans"   (Liverpool 62225 p/s)   S4/R5/L5   see-it
Not just an awesome 60's acid punk workout, this track has great playing and a sense of humor. And it's a genuine 2-sider,
with a bezerk, shuffling blues mover on the b-side. Uninformed rumors (unlike the G45 which only deals with informed
rumors) once suggested there were only 2 copies of this 45 with the sleeve. However, we know of 5 copies, and there's
undoubtedly others out there. That still counts as pretty rare! Hear "Voices Green And Purple" on Pebbles 3, and the flip
on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 2

25 - BOTUMLES PIT - "13 Stories High"  (Psychadelic 113)   S4/R5/L5   see-it
3 copies confirmed, another 2 or 3 suspected to exist. However, only one copy is known to still have the unpeeled
"Botumles Pit" sticker, all others have been peeled to reveal "The Suedes" as the band name. Described by one collector as
"extinct", however he managed to secure 2 copies in the late 90's, the one with the sticker and one without. He would have
held onto both "different" copies but for an offer he couldn't refuse. Information has just been received that one pioneering
European collector found 3 mint copies for 10c each, in a junkstore in a small Texas village, on a garage safari in the
mid-70's. Guess those copies are still around, but from what we've seen, they ain't mint anymore. Hear it on BFTG4

26 - RANDY ALVEY & THE GREEN FUZ - "Green Fuz"  (Big Tex 445)   S4/R5/L5   see-it
traditionally quoted as the pinnacle of Texas garage 45 collecting, but we know of one collector who recently managed to
acquire 2 copies. How rare can it be? Very, very rare. Since we know of a certain 4 copies, our best estimate comes in
around 6 or 7, worldwide. Hear it on Pebbles 2. Interesting flip "There Is A Land" remains uncompiled.

27 - GRODES - "Cry A Little Longer"  (Tri-M 1002)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
One of the most memorable tunes in the entire garage pantheon, hear this band from Tucson, Arizona literally pounding out
a monster pop masterpiece with power and finesse. Unlike their other 45's, this one released in 1966 is hideously rare. We
have heard from a most trusted source that only 2 copies are known. However, we find this hard to believe. Can anybody
throw any light on this? Does your daddy have a copy? Hear it on the Pebbles Box.

28 - THUNDERBIRDS - "Hey Little Girl"  (Libra 1047)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
This track is a real mover...with a stinging guitar whiplash. Allegedly three known copies which were hidden for some time,
however the whereabouts of two of them are now known. At least one of the copies plays nicely, so will undoubtedly be
used to yield a superior vinyl dub in the near future. Last compilation appearance was in atrocious sound on a Moxie Punk
Sampler E.P. and a later Quagmire Vol 1 release draws from this same source.

29 - BLUE CHIPS - "Where"  (Roaring 804)  S4/R5/L2  see-it
a great high-energy pounder with catchy riff, gravelly vocals and boomin' bass, yelps and screams rounding out the appeal
of an awesome disc from Brooklyn, NY. Only 2 copies are known, which is one reason its way up here on the G45. Hear
it on Sixties Rebellion CD 7 or Psychedelic States NY Vol. 1.

30 - SHEPHERD'S HEARD - "I Know"   (Starlite 6052)    S4/R5/L2   see-it
"I don't mean to cause you any disgrace, no bad feelin's, but honey, you've got an ugly face"...destined for the top of the
charts in 1966...not. Like the Tasmanians, this was thought to exist in a quantity of less than 5 copies, but then more
appeared. We suggest there may be 6 or 7 copies "out there". 3 copies are supposedly mint, one is vg-ish. Hear it on
Teenage Shutdown TS-6610

31 - HALF PINT AND THE FIFTHS - "Orphan Boy"  (Orlyn 666242)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
even though we know of only 4 copies of this 45, we would feel uncomfortable estimating less than 8 copies. At least 2 of
those are completely whipped! A former collecting identity confirms that he once owned 2 copies, and didn't even live in
Illinois at the time. Chicago is a big city and there must be a few tucked away there. Musical greatness however elevates
this into the stratosphere. Dig the whiplash which cracks just before the music starts - it's tuff being an orphan boy...Hear it
on BFTG7

32 - INFERNO - "The Inferno"  (Plastic A-15383)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
two known copies. High on the list because it's incredible "garage/psych", possibly the second most desirable 45 in that
entire collecting category, the best being maybe The Es'Shades, however that one has recently turned up in (still closely
guarded) quantity. Now appearing on Psychedelic Experience Vol. 3

33 - HUSH PUPPIES - "Hey, Stop Messing Around"  (Playboy XL-910)   S5/R5/L3   see-it
only 2 copies of this 45 are confirmed. Relying on a trusted source for this, but in time we may find out more. We can tell
you that one of the copies is cracked, but still plays like a mint record. And this tale of woe from Tim Warren :
"HUSH PUPPIES - you've got 1 & I've got 1 AND (i could KILL the guy if he wasn't already dead for this) i won the
listed as MINT copy Dave auctioned off in 1987 and HELD UP releasing Grave 7 for 2 months waiting for him to send it,
after i'd sent him a money order AND a pre-addressed 45 box with TONS of padding plus a filled-out express-mail form
and the extra $14 to return it via EXPRESS. So I wait and wait and it shows up via UPS 2 months later in a used LP
mailer with no padding, snapped in HALF - and it was in LESSER SHAPE than my vg copy, so I wasted $ AND 2
months for the jerk to send it!!! I threw the cracked one out and didn't even bother trying to get insurance settled for it
w/ups..." Under-rated monster from BFTG7.

34 - MONTERAS - "You're A Tease"  (Orlyn 7721)   S3/R5/L3   see-it
the rarest Orlyn, perhaps. There's only 2 known copies, quite confident of that. The Outspoken Blues Orlyn 45 is not as
rare, because several ex-band members are thought to have copies of that 45 (but only one is confirmed). One of the
Monteras is a nice vg+. It's a great garage 45, but not the kind of monster that would elevate it to the top of the list. But try
to find a copy...Hear it on Quagmire Vol 1

35 - ASCOTS - "So Good" / "Who Will It Be"  (Frat 10790)   S5/R5/L4   see-it
atonal, chaotic, unconventional, raw and loose. Make that a double, because it's hard to choose which side of this ace
percussive pounder is the greater work of art. Ultra rare, we know of 3 copies but can guess double that amount may exist
in collections. Hear "So Good" on BFTG6 LP, and the flip on Teenage Shutdown Vol. 8 or the recently released Quagmire
Vol. 1

36 - BEETHOVEN FOUR - "I'm Leaving Today" / "Oh Pretty Baby"  (Don-lee 0003)   S3/R5/L3
we know it's pure-coincidence, but the chord progression and melody of this track bears a passing resemblance to the
British freakbeat track "Father's Name Is Dad" by Fire, although stylistically the two tracks can't be compared. That's
about all we can say really, about this disc which we've never seen and can't locate either of the two reported copies.
Except that you can hear it on the Quagmire Vol. 2 compilation.

37 - BARRACUDAS - "Baby Get Lost"  (Zundak 101)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
Louisiana garage merits the "punk" tag. Was virtually unheard of until a small handful of 3 or 4 copies was unearthed a few
years back, at least 2 of them mint, another hammered. Each of these sold for a small fortune. This track is ludicrously sped
up in the mastering, but hey, it sounds better that way! Hear it on BFTG6 LP

38 - DR. SPEC'S OPTICAL ILLUSION - "Tryin' To Mess My Mind" / "She's The One"  (Flambeau 103)  
S5/R5/L5   see-it
these guys must have had a hell of a time trying to pick the a-side for this 2-sided monster, genre-defining cauldron of
crunch. We estimate up to 10 copies may exist, but it's power and quality ensure that it's next to impossible to extract from
any collection, without inflicting grievous bodily harm. Hear both sides on Sixties Archives 5 - Louisiana Punk Groups
From The 60's

39 - ALARM CLOCKS - "No Reason To Complain" / "Yeah"  (Awake 107)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
with the Keggs and Spades, unbeatable for pure legendary status. And deserved, because both sides of this 45 ooze raw
power with naked garage ambiance to spare. Which is why you really gotta have the original copy, because the reissue
(pressed with the approval of the Alarm Clocks)  loses some of  the power and ambiance. It's easy to spot an original,
because the label has a large concentric raised section, whereas the label on the reissue is flat. The original deadwax has
numbers (lots of 'em) plus AWAKE scratched into the wax, the bootleg just has numbers and a squiggle. Hear both sides
on BFTG1

40 - JUST TOO MUCH - "She Gives Me Time"  (M-Gee 002)   S4/R5/L3
pop-ish but high-energy garage nugget reminiscent of the Tasmanians "Baby". This is proving to be a very difficult disc to
find, we've almost given up on it. We know of 3 copies, surely that can't be the lot? Another Grave 8 mega-rarity.

41 - MUSTANGS - "Thats For Sure"  (Nero 1002)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
Mick Jagger, hang your head. you've been trounced on a level playingfield. This is surely the best Rolling Stones track ever
released, even tho' it has nothing to do with said band. We may be wrong, but this should be incredibly rare, judging by the
amount of times our record-breaking offers for copies were refused. It's a pure guess, but we're gonna say "6 or 7" for
now. Hear it on BFTG7

42 - PIECE KOR - "All I Want Is My Baby Back" / "Words Of The Raven"  (Laray RI-2556)   S5/R5/L3   see-it
when the fuzztone kicks in on this bo-diddley beat monster, you suddenly know you're in the presence of greatness.
Incredibly rare, we don't know how many are out there, but we can confirm 3 copies, one is quite badly scratched. The
b-side is a winner too, but to our ears has a slight touch of early JA. Hear it on BFTG8

43 - AMBERJACKS - "Hey Eriq!"  (Migliore CR727661)   S5/R5/L4   see-it
there's a reason why the rarest records are on BFTG volumes 7 and 8. It's because no-one, or hardly anyone, had ever
seen any copies of most of these ultra-rare 45's before they were discovered and compiled. The earlier volumes tend to
contain the more common discs. This Grave 8 monster is one of the rarest, missing from the vault of many an otherwise
swank collector. Maybe 6 or 7 out there.

44 - VILLAGE OUTCAST - "The Girl I Used To Love"  (Echo 711-2)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
You have to admire a song which rhymes "love" with "giving me the shove". As well as those pounding drums whipped
along by a frenzy of stinging guitar. Really, really rare, and never mentioned by anyone. Because no-one has it. Typical for a
BFTG 8 nugget. We don't know how many exist, so for now please accept our free gift to you of our best guess - 3 or 4
copies? The one we've seen is a nice vg+, and it's the same one used to make BFTG-8

45 - MADD, INC. - "I'll Be The One"  (Ikon 508)   S3/R5/L2   see-it
3 copies suspected, (two vg-ish, one vg+) plus one which is apparently hidden inside a grand piano, but nobody knows
where the piano is. One of the rarest California garage 45's, and a great track, it's a solid 3-star garage mover with a clean
guitar and a super break. Uncompiled.

46 - MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH - "Little Girl Gone" / "Don't Want Ya No More"  (Cha Cha
 S5/R5/L4   see-it
there's 2 monster records on Cha-Cha, and don't ya know it, they're the 2 rarest ones! This is one of them, and it's a 2
sider, raw, jerkin' twistin' garage grind that defies classification. Estimated quantity on planet Earth, 7 copies (we think that
may be over-generous). "Don't Want Ya No More" appears on the recent Quagmire Vol. 1 but "Little Girl Gone" remains

47 - CIRKIT - "Yesterday We Laughed" / "I Was Wrong"  (Unicorn 34941 p/s)  S5/R5/L2
thought until recently to be one of the rarest 45's of all, this has now been refuted. We believe there may be a population of
at least 4 copies with sleeves, worldwide. The record also exists as an acetate, with different, earlier and more garage-y
versions of the songs. We'd also love to hear the other 34,940 45's released on the apparently prolific Unicorn label. Hear
it on Quagmire Vol 2

48 - EXPRESSIONS - "Return To Innocence"  (Tennalaga)   S5/R5/L1  see-it
crude fuzz mayhem, a pounding verse offset by a haunting chorus, complete with tortured yelp and primitive fuzz solo. One
of 3 ultra-obscure killers on the Tennalaga label out of Chattanooga, Tennessee (the others being The Kids and The
Peabody Hermitage). Uncompiled.

49 - AL'S UNTOUCHBLES - "Come On Baby"  (Hunt 1410)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
put this one on loud and feel the earth shake. Raw energy that may never be equalled, but you could try the new Sonics
"Psycho-Sonic" CD from Big Beat or the Cobras "I Wanna Be Your Love" (on a different Big Beat) for contenders. We
know of 6 copies, 2 of them near mint, and the other 4 in various stages of decay. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6604

50 - CHENTELLES - "Be My Queen"  (Fenton 2132)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
from the relatively "common" Fenton label, an inexplicable monster rarity. Those who have it won't sell it, so what are you
going to do? You'll just have to wait until someone releases the entire output of the Fenton label in killer-fi, with colour label
scans, liners, and band photos in the not too distant future, I guess. Meanwhile, there's probably 8-10 copies of this 45 out
there, so "Try And Find", baby! Hear it on BFTG LP3

51 - DOVERS - "She's Gone" / "What Am I Gonna Do"  (Miramar 118)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
4 Dovers records appeared in quick succession on the Miramar label. If you try hard enough, or spend money enough, you
WILL be able to get the other 3 for your collection. But for some reason, this baby is "extinct", to borrow a phrase. Exactly
how this happens when the record received airplay and was reportedly a minor hit in the Los Angeles area, late 1965, we
have no idea. We'll take a stab and estimate 7 or 8 copies, 2 of them near mint but most other in poor condition, survive.
This, because of some of the people who should, but don't, have it. Unless YOU have it of course. Hear it on the Dovers
10" mini LP (Misty Lane)

52 - HEADSTONES - "24 Hours (Everyday)"  (Pharaoh P-147)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
one of 2 records released by the Headstones on Pharaoh. We bet you've got the other one, Bad Day Blues, right? Yeah, a
one hundred dollar record in mint, and a great one. But you'd have to cough up over 25 copies of Bad Day Blues for one
of these babies in mint condition. We don't know the reason for this, but it's insanely rare, with probably 10 or less copies
out there. We only know of 7, but Texas is a mighty big place. Andrew Brown informs us that a box of 50-100 mint copies
of Bad Day Blues was found many years ago, otherwise it would be as rare as "24 Hours". Hear it on Collectables CD "24
Hours Everyday"

53 - HATFIELDS - "Yes I Do"  (Cha Cha C-754)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
this is the other monster Cha Cha 45, just as rare as Mogen David. However, great as it is, it's doesn't quite compare with
the former 2-sided masterpiece. Hence the slightly lesser ranking. One mint copy has been reported, but others are
hideously scratched, cracked, stained and deformed, making the probable count of "decent" copies somewhere around 5.
Hear it on BFTG2 LP

54 - FUGITIVES - "No Tease"  (no label name 6606213)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
as far as we know, no copies at all of this 45 "existed" until a small handful were found a few years ago. Not quite sure how
many it was, but we're pretty sure it was less than 5 copies. The label says "The Fugitives - A Teen Age Group". Sure
enough, it's Teen Age music. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6612

55 - ASCENDORS - "I Won't Be Home"  (Lee 105)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
was known in a quantity of a mere 2 copies until a local collector recently unearthed more copies. This dedicated scout
worked on nothing more than an autograph which appeared on one of the original 2 copies. A studious follow up revealed
the address of a group member who yielded up his stash of 4 mint copies. A great garage disc elevated by a wild lead
break. Hear it on BFTG8 or Psychedelic States NY Vol. 1

56 - THE FEW - "Escape"  (Maestro M93028)   S5/R5/L3   see-it
before the discovery of 8-10 (not 7 as previously thought) copies a few years ago, there were less than a "few" known
copies of this monster BFTG gem. In fact there was only one, the copy used for BFTG vol. 5. However, it's now
considerably more "common" with a total of  perhaps 11 known copies.

57 - HUSTLERS - "If You Try"  (Chelle 145)
Hear it on Psychedelic Crown Jewels Vol.2 and the flip on Psychedelic States Vol. 2 (Florida)

58 - NOMADS - "Time Remains"  (J&S 1002)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
one of the rarest garage 45's, with only 3 copies known. One of them is mint, and it's possible the others may be also.
Described by an admirer as "brilliant crude folk punk", this is apt, there's also a distinct touch of early Rolling Stones to the
sound. The b-side "I Want You Back" is almost as good. Once again, rare enough to be listed much higher, but it's
restrained by its own restraint. Hear "Time Remains" on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol 22. The flip remains uncompiled.

59 - HUMAN EXPRESSION - "Optical Sound" / "Calm Me Down"  (Accent AC 1226)   S5/R4/L5  see-them
We're including 2 different versions in this entry. The first is the regular black & red label release, an unequalled 2-sided
acid psych  masterpiece which is very rare, but not compared to the others in the G100. It gets up here because it's so
incredibly great that it's never offered for sale. The white label promo is rarer but not as good musically (though still an
unqualified monster), and estimated to exist in a quantity of less than 10 copies. Hear it on the Collectables CD reissue

60 - RUNAWAYS - "18th Floor Girl"  (Alamo Audio 105)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
does anyone have a copy of this that isn't beat? We've examined 3 copies, all could only be described as "looks vg minus,
but plays worse". Have you ever heard anyone grade a record that way? Neither have we. But this rarity always seems to
sound bad, even hairline scratches sound like popping corn. Like all Alamo Audio, it's ultra rare, we estimate under 10
copies, at least half vg- or worse. AB reports that an ex-bandmember told him most of the copies were blown to
smithereens in a skeet-shooting contest. Hear it on Texas Flashbacks Vol. 2

61 - MERLYNN TREE - "Look In Your Mirror"  (Dixietone 6794)   S5/R5/L3   see-it
demonstrating a complete mastery of the fuzzbox, the Tree deliver an unsurpassed amalgam of guitar crunch and snotnosed
(whatever that means) punk vocal attitude. It IS one of the greatest Texas garage 45's. And there are very few copies
around. Try 8? We know where 5 of 'em live, so mebbe there's more. Hear it on BFTG8

62 - STOICS - "Hate" / "Enough Of What I Need"  (BM-101)   S5/R4/L5   see-it
Although only 150 copies were pressed, this is one of the least rare records on the G100. A "small quantity found"
situation. Which is just as well, otherwise this beast would be sitting right up around the top of the list. Not to say that it
sounds great, quite the opposite, all copies sound like they're playing with permanent dirt on the needle, it's just the way
they are. But the song quality is so high, and the performances so incredible, that it's a very rare event indeed that a copy is
sold. In fact, they are never sold. So if you have to have one, get out the golden crowbar... Take heart, between 20 and 25
copies exist (quantity now confirmed), and most of them are mint. These copies all came from the same source, an
ex-bandmember. Hear it on Acid Visions CD1

63 - WANDERERS - "Higher Education" (T.R.C. 2067) (Texas Record Company)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
you haven't lived until you've heard this crude monster lurch out of your hi-fidelity machine  in all its original sonic splendour.
A room-shaking experience, as only primitive 60's 2-channel valve recording technology can deliver. Ultra rare, although
not quite as much in demand as some of the more "visible" Texas killers. It doesn't quite have the same impact on Texas
Flashbacks Vol. 5, compared to the 45. We know of 4 copies in "the loop", but assume more exist in Texas basements.

64 - THINGS TO COME - "Sweetgina" / "Speak Of The Devil"  (Starfire 103)   S5/R4/L5   see-it
huge legend, this has been a hot item for collectors since before we can remember. Unlike their later releases, which are
both common and mundane, this is a monster 2-sider, with obvious "Gloria" references. We're placing this high because it's
"wanted" rather than ultra-rare, we think 12-15 copies "in the loop" would be a fair guess. Drummer Russ Kunkel, not to
be intimidated by having helped create a 60's garage classic, went on to record with Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks and Dolly
Parton. Hear both sides on Chosen Few Vol. 1

65 - SAVOYS - "Can It Be" / "Now She's Left Me"  (Summit 403)   S5/R5/L3   see-it
what makes crude monsters such as this from the state of Illinois so hard to find? The fact that the killer b-side remained
uncomp'ed until this year proves that the 45 is not dispersed in abundance. For anyone insane enough to attempt to collect
all the records from the BFTG series, this may be one of the last few you'll stumble across. Hear "Can It Be" on BFTG6
LP, and the flip on Quagmire Vol 1

66 - RIOTS - "I Can Go On" / "You're My Baby"  (no label - 17145/46)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
kinda low on legend status, this is nevertheless one of the rarest of all garage 45's, and it's a great 2-sider to boot. Two
confirmed vg+ copies, another one suspected in lesser condition. Compiled only recently on Garage Punk Unknowns 8
confirming the rarity of this platter. The b-side was compiled in Europe on Digging For Gold 7 (from the one confirmed
vinyl copy)  

67 - SPIDERS - "Don't Blow Your Mind" / "No Price Tag"  (Santa Cruz 10,003)    S4/R4/L5   see-it
brimming with legend appeal, here's one of the world's rarest records according to Goldmine magazine. Then how come
everybody seems to have a copy? It's because Goldmine doesn't concern itself with 60's garage records in general, having
little or no expert advice on the subject. Not exactly cheap to obtain, there nevertheless must be at least 25 copies in the
hands of collectors worldwide, making it dirt common, really. Hear both sides on BFTG7

68 - WEEDS - "It's Your Time"  (Teenbeat Club TB-1006)   S5/R5/L5   see-it
as far as we know, most of the existing known copies of this killer legend came from the one small discovery of copies,
around 10 years ago. One of the wildest and most unrestrained vocals to be heard on any garage 45, it has become a
classic over the years. We now know that only 3 or 4 copies were found. Only one was near mint, another a strong vg+.
Hear it on Pebbles Vol. 1 CD

69 - IT'S US - "Don't Want Your Lovin" / "I Can Find My Way" (Arab 9001)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
one of the rarest records on the BFTG series, and containing an equally nice folk-ish b-side which is so far un-compiled.
This is rather too folky to hit the top 50 on this list, but we estimate 5 or 6 copies only exist, one known to be vg+, another
vg- with stained labels. Hear it on BFTG7

70 - VECTORS - "What In The World"  (Analysis S-4323)   S4/R4/L4   see-it
a completely different version of the same track which is to be found on the St. Lawrence label. It's the St. Lawrence
version which is compiled on Back From The Grave 4 LP. The Analysis version is great also, with a little more swagger,
and a lot more wild screaming. However, we do not subscribe to the prevailing wisdom that the Analysis version whips the
St. Lawrence version. Both are great. We estimate around a dozen copies exist of the Analysis version, and we know
some of them are badly needleworn, and several (but not all) have biro scribbles on the labels. This version remains

71 - SPADES - "You're Gonna Miss Me / "We Sell Soul"  (Zero C10002)   S5/R4/L5   see-it
if any 45 can out-legend the Keggs, then this is it. Everyone knows this is pre-13th Floor Elevators Roky Erickson, but did
you know it's a bootleg (call it a re-issue) unless it has a silver label? 'spose you did. The silver label originals are scarce as
hens teeth, and eagerly grabbed up by psych and rock collectors as well as denizens of the garage. For this reason, it's
almost impossible to obtain one, even though our advice suggests there may be 15 or more copies wedged firmly into
collections worldwide (knowing of 7 ourselves). Hear "You're Gonna Miss Me" on Mayhem & Psychosis 2, and "We Sell
Soul" on Highs In The Mid Sixties 17

72 - REMAINING FEW - "Painted Air"  (Askel AK-112)   S4/R5/L4   see-it
label-mates the Outcasts and The Chevelle V produced monster rarities on this label, but not as mysteriously unobtainable
as this demented, psychotic masterpiece. Strangely, those copies which do appear, often seem to be in mint condition,
suggesting a possible small quantity find in an earlier era. We know of 4 copies, but there will certainly be more. Hear it on
Highs In The Mid Sixties 12

73 - FLY-BI-NITES - "Found Love"  (Tiffany NRC 564)   S5/R5/L2   see-it
we've been chastised for suggesting this 45 has a psych'y touch, and listening to it now, find ourselves in agreement with our
tormentor. It's amazing, melodic yet pounding and slashing garage, first and foremost. As well as that, it's one of the rarest
garage 45's on the planet, with 5 or 6 copies being a confident maximum estimate. Hear it on Highs In The Mid Sixties 8 or
Psychedelic States Georgia.

74 - CAVE MEN - "It's Trash"  ('Chelle PH-148)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
one of the rarest and greatest Florida 45's, we've never seen a copy offered for sale in the last 5 years. That applies to most
of these 45's of course. So we only count the ones we know about, in this case, perhaps 6 or 7 copies? Hear it on Teenage
Shutdown TS-6604 (among many other compilation appearances)

75 - SCORPIO TUBE - "Yellow Listen"  (Vita V001)   S3/R5/L3   see-it
monster sums have been paid for this very, very rare CA psych platter. Its appeal lies in the completely outrageous
combination of freaked out, tinny fuzz guitar, and wild, trippy lyrics. Such as "Yellow Listen, a strange kind of wisdom
taken from flowers". Right. It's pretty funny though, but perhaps not to the tune of several thousand bucks. 5 copies? 3 are
known. Hear it on the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl compilation LP

76 - ROKS - "Hey Joe"  (Mark VII 1012)    S3/R5/L3  see-it
this is a great version of Hey Joe. Maybe not the greatest EVER version, but certainly the rarest ever. Rarer than Hey Joe
by the Euphoria's Id on Eadit. Rarer than Hey Joe by The Heywoods on Queen Bea, or Hey Joe by The Hazards on
Groove. Rarer even than Hey Joe by the Outer Mongolian Herd on Daisy. Mark VII is one of those Texas labels that's just
plain rare and consistently great, like Alamo Audio. Hear it on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 17 or Texas Flashback 4

77 - MODDS - "Leave My House"  (ANR -American National Records 3041)   S3/R5/L5   see-it
at first listen you'd swear there's just an electric guitar and vocal, but no, there's an entire band there somewhere in the mix.
Famous mostly because of the atrocious mix, the song is actually great, and would have been a killer track (in a different
way) if all the instruments could be heard. We think this may exist in a quantity no greater than 5 copies, but that's mere
speculation. One copy is vg++ . Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6613

78 - CLIQUES - "So Hard"  (Custom  P-1020)   S4/R4/L3   see-it
judging by the style of the label, this Urbana, Illinois pressing was made at the same plant as The Few - "Escape". Probably
as rare as the Few, say around 8-10 copies in the (collector's) loop, and we think that may be overestimating if anything.
It's been confirmed by a bandmember that 100 copies were pressed. Mike Markesich reveals that the band sold a few
then proceeded to spray-paint the rest with gold paint. These "gold records" were handed out free at live shows. A great
track, immortalized on BFTG7  

79 - PULSATING HEARTBEATS - "Talkin 'Bout You" / "Anne"  (Pace Setters Internationale 007)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
although there are now 6 copies known, only three of them can be counted. Because the other 3 copies are owned by one
of the Alaskan band members, and he won't part with any, preferring to hand them down as heirlooms to his kids. So your
chances of owning this platter are better than our previous estimate of 1 known copy. Since the publication of the G45 the
second and third copies surfaced, but we haven't actually seen them.  As well as the BFTG8 a-side bonecruncher, there's
the excellent un-comp'ed melodic organ-driven folk garage b-side.

80 - ROOKS - "A Girl Like You"  (Mercury 72644)   S4/R5/L2   see-it
yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, this 45 was released on a major label, yet still hits in the G100. There are 3 copies
known, it's only the reason for this that's unknown. Driving rhythm, bouncing bass and an insanely catchy fuzz-covered
chorus deliver immortality. It's a hint to the rarity of a 45 when you hear cassette tape dropouts on a track, on an otherwise
finely mastered CD (Pebbles CD10).

81 - NOMADS - "Be Nice"  (Spotlight 5019 p/s)   S5/R5/L4   see-it
mighty tonsil-tearing teen mayhem from Fort Worth, Texas. The second scream just before the break is one to curl toes
and impress the neighbours. It's been said that the 45 itself is comparatively abundant, but the sleeved version is the one
we're talking about here. Perhaps dangerous to estimate a quantity, but our guess is around 10-12 copies, with sleeve.
Hear it on BFTG4 LP

82 - ABANDONED - "Come On Mary"  (The Abandoned-4867)   S4/R4/L3   see-it
if you've heard this Chigago, IL killer on Grave 6, and you're now moved to go out a-searchin' for the real original platter,
we have some words for you. We have NEVER heard a copy of this 45 that sounds anything like the one on BFTG. For
some reason, they're all badly needleworn! We're not even sure if a regular pressing was used to make Grave 6, or if the
music was "electronically enhanced". If so, nice job - it sounds like a different (vastly superior) pressing to any we've heard.
If you count the bad pressings, there may be around a dozen out there. But has anyone got a nice-playing copy? (One has
now been confirmed, and it was vg++ when last seen, but whereabouts currently unknown). This message in from Tim
Warren : "Whenever we could, Erik would record a 45 out of the better of the left/right channels, chopping out the
distortion or hiss"

83 - SOUNDS UNLIMITED - "Cool One"  (SWAL 7-7877)   S4/R5/L2    see-it
gritty grind from North Carolina, this innocuous-looking slab of wax with stabs of sax (or more likely trumpet) is believed to
exist in a quantity of one copy. Legend quota remains low, probably purely as a result of the inclusion of the sometimes
unjustly dreaded horn. Hear it on the Tougher Than Stains compilation LP

84 - SOUND EXTRACTION - "I Feel Like Crying"   (J-Three 509)    S4/R5/L2
take Louie Louie and render it even more rhythmically basic, add sneering vocals with a bored attitude, a clean echoing
guitar break and a harmonica solo....wait, is that actually a harmonica or is it someone singing with cupped hands to
SOUND like a harmonica? We submit the latter. It's extinct at only 4 copies known. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown

85 - LIV'IN END - "She's A Teaser"  (Rickin 007)   S3/R5/L2    see-it
another ultra-rare 45 which was originally compiled on Boulders (Vol. 11), and promptly vanished from the face of the
earth. One copy has now been located, and we have little doubt there may be others. But not more than two or three, we
think. The a-side is a fuzz-laced teen garage mover, full of flashy, high-energy lead guitar.

86 - RON-DE-VOOS - "The Maid"  (Cycle J01211651/2)   S2/R5/L2
the closest thing to filler (2-star) we've encountered on a volume of the consistently incredible Back From The Grave
compilation series, this track elevates above standard 12-bar rock only briefly for a spirited "All right let's give it to 'em right
now" vocal snarl. But... the rarity of this disc could curl your toes. For many years we were unable to locate even the copy
that was used for the Grave 7 comp - until now. It's right where you'd never think of looking for it (Tim's collection). And a
second copy is now known to exist in California. Languishes down here on the G45 because, there are wylder tracks
above. Hear it on BFTG 7

87 - SAVAGES - "The World Ain't Round, It's Square"  (Duane 1054)   S5/R5/L3    see-it
for many years this track was assumed to exist only as an LP cut (Savages, "Live 'N Wild" certainly wild but not live), until
2 copies were uncovered proving the existence of this monster 45. Recently 2 more copies have surfaced. None of the 4
known copies are anywhere near mint, but the music cuts through loud and clear. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6610
The flip is "You're On My Mind"

88  - ADRIAN LLOYD - "Lorna" / "Got A Little Woman"   (Charger CRG-112)   S5/R5/L3    see-it
Adrian Lloyd was the drummer of surf-instrumental band "The Rumblers" who had an album on the Boss label. He Then
quit to form Adrian and The Sunsets, and cut a great 45 with that band. All pale into insignificance in the shadow of this of the greatest intense screaming tracks ever cut to wax. The driving, rhythmic band obviously has surfin'
roots, we wonder if Adrian himself may have played the drums here (which kick ASS!)? Great stinging, moody flip too.
300 copies were pressed, but we've only been able to locate 3. May be copies held by instrumental collectors also. Hear
"Lorna" on BFTG8, and the flip on Sixties Rebellion Vol. 3

89 - TIMETAKERS - "Don't Turn Away"  (Jowar)   S5/R4/L1  see-it
this 45 is completely unknown, yet is one of the most atmospheric, haunting and melodic garage tracks you'll ever likely
hear. 45 releases by labelmates the Naturals and the Royale Coachmen are both mundane and easy to obtain, neither of
which applies to the Timetakers. We've located two copies over the years, but the comparative abundance of the other
45's on this label does suggest that more copies are due to show up "real soon now". But don't be holding your breath.
Remains uncompiled, a travesty.

90 - MYSTERY MEN  - "I Got A Feeling" / "Pier X"  (Ceva)   S3/R5/L2
A real tuffie to find in any shape.  3 copies known : M-, VG/VG+ and a M- cracked nearly in half copy that was traded off
to a hungry collector. Topside is a minor key teen jangler which is more moody than folk, and which is neatly enhanced by
a well-placed "Move it baby!" after the break. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6602, while the ultra-demented flipside
can be enjoyed on the cool and under-rated Crypt label comp "Ho-Dad Hootenanny"

91 - GEORGY & THE VELVET ILLUSIONS - "Mini Shimmy"  (Metro-Video 311)   S3/R5/L1    see-it
now this is what real discotheque music should sound like. After a slow start, the drums start a-poundin' and the fuzztone
a-fuzzin', and pretty soon the whole room's a-shakin' while Mini shimmy-shakes those hips. A tortured scream rounds out a
breathtaking and almost completely unknown recording. We really know of only one copy. Could this be true? Remains
uncompiled except for collector-circulated CD ROM

92 - SANDS - "Open Your Eyes" / "Can't Find A Way"  (Capri 522)   S3/R5/L3
the closest thing to the Seeds you could ever hear, legally. This track is so close to "Pushin Too Hard" by the Seeds, that
it's become legendary for its unoriginality. The flip is a nice gentle folk number with pretty 12-string guitar and ethereal
one-finger organ fills. It's also as rare as can be, with consistent reports that only one copy has ever been sighted.
However, Andrew Brown knows better, citing 2 copies. One of them was used to make the Eva 60's Archives Vol 5 cd

93 - HUMAN EXPRESSION - "Love At Psychedelic Velocity"   (Accent AC1214)   S5/R4/L5    see-it
the other reason (besides the Optical Sound 45) that the Human Expression are the hottest property in the 60's
garage/psych crossover category. This blitzing assault on the senses shows the band as a first rate, focused garage outfit,
demonstrating versatility, originality and awesome energy. It's been re-released legitimately on CD from the mastertapes,
but a good dub from mint vinyl blows these away any day of the week.

94 - FRANK VENTURA & THE CRESCENTS - "Pain"  (Amber-AR-3942)   S3/R4/L3   see-it
besides containing some of the wildest most uninhibited wailing and screaming on any record, this 45 is notable for some
inspired lingo-twisting, which is most musical to the ear! "Alls-joo-gives-me-is-uh-pain-nah!" So cool! The Amber label out
of CA is one of that state's most consistently rare labels. The other records are great too, but this is the king pin. Most
Amber releases probably clock in at under 10 copies known. Several of the copies are known to be in mint condition, all
from one source. First and only compilation appearance on the excellent "Hang It Out To Dry" compilation LP or CD

95 - RETREDS - "Black Mona Lisa"  (R&T - RP-6601)   S4/R5/L3   see-it
a subdued but extraordinary blues mover, it's not clear what's so special about this ultra-rare platter until the lyrical content
is examined. "She's got long black hair, a motorcycle, she rides", "She will work on you til your head is filled with dreams",
"She's been studying her judo, so watch it you're gonna get tossed" - the whole song is filled with killer lines. When three
copies (now confirmed, one of them badly warped, the other two near mint with very slight warps) surfaced a few years
ago, many resisted the (then) breathtaking asking price, for a "blues" record. However in retrospect, this disc is a legend
and the price was a bargain. Hear it on BFTG7, and the flip "Johnny Be Good" on Teenage Shutdown TS-6611

96 - REASONS WHY - "Don't Be That Way"  (Sound Track - ST-2000)   S5/R4/L5   see-it
Texas garage monster leaps around 50 places on the G45 for greatness alone. It's still ultra-rare, but somehow copies seem
to be available, sporadically and at a price! For who would part with this pounding platter of scorching punk mayhem,
unless compensated by a couple of small fortunes? We figure a worldwide population of 12-15 copies sounds not
unreasonable. Hear it on Texas Flashbacks Vol. 1

97 - CREATIONS - "I Want You"  (Hull 1067)   S5/R5/L2  see-it
A Bremerton, Ohio band who cut this moody monster in 1966 at the Mus-I-Col recording studio in Columbus. On the flip
is  a cover of "Little Black Egg". Extremely tuff record to find, we know of only 3 copies, one is in g+ condition. It's likely
or possible that up to 10 copies may be out there in collections. Rumored to be included on a CD compilation focusing on
the Mus-I-Col recording studio and its subsidiary labels, this track has been recently compiled on the Essential Pebbles
Collection (Vol 1 Bonus Tracks).

98 - MURPHY AND THE MOB - "Born Loser" / "Because You Love Me"  (Talisman 1823)  S5/R5/L5    see-it
unsurpassed legend status for this crude ode to paranoid megalomania. Mainly due to the deadbeat lyrics, combined with
the direct and primal instrumentation which can only be described as punk, 60's style. A hidden surprise is the so-far
uncompiled b-side, a lurching amalgam of pop melodics with savage jackhammer guitar attack. We know of two mint
examples, and several others, hinting at a population of around 10 copies. However Andrew Brown has reported that
"Murphy" from the band had 8 or 10 mint copies of the 45 hidden away. Another source claims he only had 2 or 3. Who's
right, Andrew? And, do these "exist"? Hard to decide...they are "known", however they are certainly not "in the loop", and
are they even "released"? Hear "Born Loser" on BFTG3 LP. The flip begs to be compiled but can be heard at

99 - THURSDAYS' CHILDREN - "Air Conditioned Man" / "Dominoes"  (International Artists IA-110)
S3/R5/L5   see-it
intensely sought after not just because of it's appeal as one of the rarest Texas garage 45's. It's also easily the rarest 45 on
the highly collectable International Artists label, home of the 13th Floor Elevators, and many other Texas psychedelic
garage outfits. Thursdays' Children's 45 on Paradise (also one known copy on the Kidd label!) is also bubbling under the
G100, and their other IA release, "Help, Murder, Police" ain't exactly flooding the flea markets either. Hear "Air
Conditioned Man" on the Pebbles Box. The superior "Dominoes" remains uncompiled, but neither side compares with the
Paradise/Kidd 45.

100 - BLUE CONDITION - "Coming Home"  (Tersa 102/101)   S5/R5/L2
MONSTER Illinois record.  Kinks-type riff, detached-style vocal, pounding drums and the lead stinging guitar is buried in
the mix, noticeable on the break. A single-chord-frenzy buildup at the end. One known copy has recently changed hands.
Not to be confused with a later and vastly inferior release by the Blue Condition on Ampex. That seems to have been a
different group altogether. Remains uncompiled.


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