Fine Recording Studio
In December 2002, a shipping container arrived in
Sydney, Australia. Its contents largely unknown, it was
unloaded into a warehouse in East Botany. For the next
6 months a story unfolded, a history of the recorded
music of Rochester, NY, from the immediate post-war
era, until the untimely death in 1977 of studio owner and
jazz big band leader Vincent Giancursio, aka Vince Jan,
aged 58. The studio later suffered fire and flood damage.

The contents of the container, as they were unpacked,
revealed hidden musical treasure representing every
genre and diversity of the era. Big band jazz and lounge
music, popular songs, country and western, rockabilly
and incredible gospel groups dominate the 1950's.
Following this came early beat and pop groups, early
garage r&r, northern soul and funk, culminating in a
slew of brilliant undiscovered garage punk
masterpieces, the reason for the existence of this site.
After 1967, psychedelic and progressive styles took
hold, and the energy was lost. However, the story must,
and will, be told...
The mysterious contents of the Fine Recording Studio of
Rochester, NY, as they remained for over 25 years
basement walls
the dance band with the sound
the slime and the stench
paraphernalia central
Fine Label discography
essential interviews
Ersel Hickey at Fine Studios 1957
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60's garage music list
Mark L. Taylor
Groop Ltd. Interview with
Jake Gerber by Mike Dugo
The Quirks - by Kit Nelson
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King Louis and the 3Ds interview